Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Golden Rule


I have been reading a daily devotional by Joyce Meyer titled Love Out Loud. The book so far has been a tremendous blessing, daily giving wise words about Loving God, Loving Yourself, and Loving others. I would like to share one of the devotions I just read:

                                                  The Golden Rule
  So then, whatever you desire that others would to to and for you, even so do also to and for them, for this is(sums up) the Law and the Prophets.
                                                                                                                Matthew 7:12

Today's scripture is often called the "Golden Tule," meaning that if we follow this one principle, everything will work out much better.
    Most people treat others the way they are being treated, but God's principle is the exact opposite. We are not to treat people the way they treat us, but as we want to be treated. This is not easy to do. In order to obey God, we must move beyond feelings and what seems fair. If people mistreat us, God ells us to forgive them, pray for, and bless them. I don't think anybody "feels" like doing that, but if you have ever tried it, you know that it releases joy in your life and gives God the opportunity to deal with the person who mistreated you.
     Imagine what would happen in the world if everyone operated by the Golden Rule. Everyone would be giving instead of just taking. We would be merciful because we all want mercy. Living this way would set us free from selfish living, the root of all of our unhappiness. Jesus said that in order to follow him we must forget about ourselves. Sadly, most of us stay busy trying to take care of ourselves and make sure nobody mistreats or takes advantage of us. We need to deposit ourselves with God, retire from self-care, and obey the Golden Rule.

Love Others Today: "Father, make me aware of other people's needs and feelings, and help me treat them the way I would like to be treated."

-Joyce Meyer

I hope you all are as blessed by this as I was! It's always nice to have reminders, things that help put the focus where it should be:-)

God bless,


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