Saturday, March 24, 2012


Ok, so as a young Christian, I'm always excited to see members of the body of Christ representing to the world where "cool" originates. I was introduced to some amazing new music at youth service last night. This young,talented Christian rapper, "Young Chozen" has an awesome new song that is sure to be a hit among young Christians, while drawing those who don't know the Lord. Check it out:

If you enjoyed the video, you can watch him discussing his entire album, and also click a link to purchase it here:


  1. FUNNY you posted about this my SISTER JUST told me she found a new artist, young chozen today i was like uhuh and then i see his video on your blog! he must be going viral. all praise to God!! I hope he continues on the path of righteousness in setting the standard!

    1. Wow, awesome! Amen, all praise to God! :-)