Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shout Out!!!

I must bring attention to my Sista friend and AMAZINGLY awesome You-tuber, TheQueenPalace. I came across this young woman a while back and have been an avid viewer since. Not only do I love her sense of humor( she will have you LOL....On the floor....For several minutes), but I love that she is a fellow believer. She sheds insight on life,love, and spiritual beliefs as well as random tidbits about her daily life and her perceptions on various topics. Whenever you can( Do it now! lol) you should show some love and check her out.You won't regret it.....I promise :-)

                 Here's a peek @ a few of her videos, watch them, then go subscribe!



As Always,

Be blessed and Beautiful


Overwhelmed :-/

Hey loves!

Ok, so it has been a ridiculously, inexcusably long time since I've last blogged. I just may say this same exact thing in every post? I don't know....But, it's true! As we all know, life can be extremely hectic with work, school, maintaining, breathing....All that good stuff LOL. I celebrated my birthday in April and had a wonderful time(I'll post pics), plus work, and spending time with friends( my best friend will be moving to another country in two weeks )😒I've had the mind to blog on a few occasions since my last post, but I didn't want to just blog for the sake of blogging( which may be exactly what I'm doing now....or is it?).

At the present moment I have a slight headache( no fun), but thanking God anyhow for life,health, and contentment. One thing that I learn more and more each day is that it takes proactive measures to feel content. Everybody truly is looking for something and it takes more than to say, "I want to be happy" to be truly happy. Sure, there is tremendous power in words. Affirmations can do wonders for our mindset, which in turn can transform our actions, which in turn can affect our circumstances. We have to combine each of those measures and not depend entirely on just one.

(I ended up going to sleep for the night and the slight headache is gone! Feeling refreshed!)

Lately, with the seeking out of God's purpose and will for my life, I've found myself feeling overwhelmed( hence the title). So many choices, options, decisions....At other times, not enough choices, options, or decisions. Can you relate? I'm most certain many can. So what do you do when you're feeling overwhelmed? As cliche´ as it sounds, prayer is the most helpful for me and usually one of the first things I'll do.

There is something therapeutic about spilling your emotions. What better way to spill them than to pour out your heart to God? I know many of us may have feelings of inadequacy or even embarrassment and shame, but God is ALWAYS waiting on us to come to him. He's the first and truest confidant we've ever had and whether we know it or not, his love for us goes far beyond what we can ever think or imagine.

Then, there is always friends and family. My best friends are very dear to me and have offered great advice and comfort in times of need. My family is the rock that keeps me grounded. Not everyone has these type of ppl in their lives. If you can find one person whom you trust to advise and comfort you, that is awesome. It doesn't always take tons of ppl, as the old saying goes, quality over quantity.

Other helpful outlets include indulging in hobbies you enjoy! If you like to dance, go dance! Sing,write, exercise, skate, swim, laugh, love....Live! We don't have to sit around being overwhelmed and frustrated. Use the time you have wisely....Time flies. No one wants to look back and realize they wasted time worrying about things that were beyond their control. The things you can control....change them! Improve yourself. Maximize your potential. I'll be all about the living-life-to-the-fullest and to my father's glory life. Let's do it together  ☺ 

  The Girls and I @ Karaoke for My Birthday 

       all smiles for my birthday

Until next time,

Be blessed and beautiful